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Unit Rod
For segmental spinal fixation

  The UNIT ROD was engineered from the pelvis up to provide complete control and segmental stability for the thoraco-lumbar spine and pelvis.
  Manufactured from implant quality stainless steel round stock to a unique single unit design based on extensive clinical follow-up using three-dimensional analysis of spinal X-rays.

3/16" diameter, available lengths:

 catalog #     description
   UR250s   250mm length
   UR270s   270mm length
   UR290s   290mm length
   UR310s   310mm length

1/4" diameter, available lengths:

 catalog #     description
   UR270   270mm length
   UR290   290mm length
   UR310   310mm length
   UR330   330mm length
   UR350   350mm length
   UR370   370mm length
   UR390   390mm length
   UR410   410mm length
   UR430   430mm length
   UR450   450mm length